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Nov 8 '12

Irvine Welsh on Politics, Poop and Skagboys (via Electric Literature)

On the night of the first 2012 presidential debates, so many moons ago, I saw Irvine Welsh read at Book Soup in Los Angeles. I blogged about it for Electric Literature, and some of that blog is below.

LOS ANGELES–While Obama and Romney had their first night of face-to-face opposition in Denver behind their respected podiums, Scottish writer Irvine Welsh also stood behind stood a podium, but at Book Soup in Los Angeles. As he walked into the bookstore he announced (to whom I don’t know), “Romney’s kickin’ Obama’s ass.” Turns out, his observations were widely agreed upon.

Before we start on Welsh’s new novel Skagboys, I’m going to say something that would probably lead to my exile in many cliques of trendy people. At the time of this reading, I’d never read Trainspotting or seen the film. There was no reason for this, like someone who accidentally lived their entire lives without eating macaroni and cheese. You can be sure it was not intentional neglect but rather a horrible mistake that I have since remedied.

Read on at Electric Literature (You know you wanna)

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